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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I get rid off those banners and Google ads?
    Banners and Google ads are one of our source of income for our website. This enable us to keep this website free for our members. If you wish to help us, and to make your browser experience better. Join our Premium membership, we will hide those banners and Google ads when you logged in. Want more info about Premium Membership benefit please click here.


  • I did not receive my activation code, what should I do?
    The activation code email may take up to 5 minutes to get to your inbox. It is also possible our email may end up in your junkmail or spam folder. To ensure you are able to receive email from us, please add to your contact list.


  • Can I get a refund?
    "Top-Up" credits: You can give you a refund on remaining credits (unused) that has been top-up within 7 days.
    Subscription Payments: There is no refund for any subscription-based services. eg: Premium membership.
  • Can I use my top-up credit to sign up for premium membership?
    No, to sign up to premium membership. You must go through a payment process similar to top-up.

    If you have accidentally top-up your account instead of sign up for the premium membership. Please contact us using the contact us form.

    Contact Tutor(s)

  • How do I contact other members (tutors/students) on your website?
    To contact a member on the website. You must register as a member. Once you have done that. You will able to send FindATutor internal message to them.
  • Can I contact more than 1 tutor? How many tutors should I contact?
    Yes, It is a good idea to contact several tutors. This will greatly increase your chance of finding the right tutor.

    There may be more than one tutors listed for your search criteria. Please browse through each tutor's profile and contact those tutors who have more direct experience and expertise in the subject(s) you need help.
  • What should I discuss in the initial message I send to the tutor?
    Here are some of the information you should put down for your initial message.
    - Specific the subject(s) you need help with.
    - Your (or Student's) current level in this subject.
    - Where are you? If you prefer tutoring at home, tutor's place or a public place.
    - Timeframe, how soon do you need the tutoring service.
    - Any other special circumstances (e.g. student is pre-school).
  • Tutor has not responded to my request. What should I do?
    Most tutors respond to your request very shortly. There might be a delay in a response to your request from a tutor. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as the tutor being on vacation or not having access to email. Some tutors are totally booked and sometimes don't bother to respond to a request.

    We strongly recommend you contact at least two tutors.


  • How do I submit a member review?
    By going to a member's profile page, you can add a review about this member. However, both of you must be "Connected" to each other.

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